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FreeMat 3.1 Released

The latest version of FreeMat (3.1) has just been released. Beyond the usual bug fixes, this version of FreeMat includes a new Threading API, which allows you to take advantage of multi-core and multi-processor machines from within your FreeMat programs. You can also perform powerful Perl-style regular expression manipulations in 3.1 using the regexp command, and its variants. A new, unified multi-platform regression test suite is now shipped with FreeMat (as the run_tests command), which allows you to verify the functionality of your installation. Plotting functions have been improved through the use of an explicit double-buffering technique which eliminates flicker during plot updates. Note that to increase compatibility with MATLAB, you must now include explicit drawnow commands to get updates within scripts. FreeMat also has new functions for reading URLs, and parsing HTML and XML files. The help window has a search tool now to help you quickly locate functions and help topics. The memory usage of FreeMat has been significantly improved - so that FreeMat operates with less memory and should run faster than previous versions. Also, you can now specify a script startup.m that is automatically executed at startup time.

Posted by Samit Basu 2007-04-15

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