FreeMat 2.0 Release

A new release of freemat is now available from the website This is primarily a bugfix release, although some new features have been added as well. The release notes are below:

FreeMat has reverted to the autotools build system. Hopefully this will solve some of the build problems people were facing with the 2.0RC1 release. This release adds many new MATLAB-compatibility functions and scripts (special thanks to M. Vogel for the help). A number of finite-precision related bugs were fixed in the range operator (: and : :). Support for reading and writing csv files was added. The output format code was rewritten to make more efficient use of the screen. The default Qt style was set to plastique on X11 platforms (use the -noplastique flag to override). Text-based help was fixed on all platforms. Support was added for a traditional Linux install (non package based) that should adhere to the LSF rules.


Posted by Samit Basu 2006-06-06

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