#233 Simplify the build procedure.

v4.1 (minor)
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George Stan

Please simplify the build procedure of FreeMat.
I see that now it's using CMake, and this looks like an improvement, but the build procedure is still very very complicated and very error prone.
It also takes incredible much time to build (a good few hours only for QT), thus scaring away new user to give you a help with patches (since the build will take more than to create the simple patch).

It is also very hard to report what the problem was during the build time, as running one more time, will give a different error :(.


  • Joseph Schmidt

    Joseph Schmidt - 2010-01-14

    Fully agree. I wasn't able to build it myself either after many many trials :(.
    Also it would be nice if the "build" would be separated in two parts: a C/C++ /native part, and a M Language language part, i.e. when users modify only M Language code, to be able to "build" it much more quickly, and without problems. I think this would encourage many more contributions (especially from students, since most know M Language).

  • George Stan

    George Stan - 2010-01-15

    I raised the priority of this issue since it would be very important that as much users as possible to be able build Freemat quickly, give it a try and why not - contribute back.

    > Also it would be nice if the "build" would be separated in two parts: ...
    That's an interesting approach (never saw such a think in a build process before :) ), I don't know however how would this be possible, unless some refactorings are done first, to make Freemat more "modular".

    Maybe the build process would be a little more reliable if it had some small GUI to trigger the build, and collect and send the build logs automtically to the dev team (the build GUI from CMake looks very confusing and it's now working always).

  • George Stan

    George Stan - 2010-01-15
    • priority: 5 --> 8
  • Samit Basu

    Samit Basu - 2011-03-27

    Thanks for the input. I'm not sure why the build is difficult -- what platform are you using? If you use something like Fedora 14, the build is pretty straightforward (you install the dependencies using yum, and then do a ccmake, make and make install).

  • Samit Basu

    Samit Basu - 2011-03-27
    • status: open --> pending
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