#555 some symbols do not plot

v4.1 (minor)

Simple program to test bug in freemat V4.1 MacOSX 10.7.3.
--> x=1:100;
--> y=sin(x);
--> plot(x,y)
--> plot(x,y,'rx')
--> plot(x,y,'rd')
--> plot(x,y,'rs')
--> plot(x,y,'r^')
--> plot(x,y,'r>')
--> plot(x,y,'r<')
All the above work as expected. But then
--> plot(x,y,'ro')
--> plot(x,y,'r.')
produce a blank screen.


  • Jeremy Butler

    Jeremy Butler - 2013-02-10

    I have the same problem. Freemat v4.1 MacOSX 10.6.8

  • Jehanzeb Khan Pathan

    I have the exact same problem
    Using FreeMat 4.1 on Windows 7 64bit

    Some diagnostics are as follows:
    I cleared the history closed FreeMat and started it up again.
    At this point Debug Window is empty
    Now I run: plot(3, 3, 'ro')

    Debug Windows shows the following error:
    12:04:40.142: JIT compile failed:"Call to function size is not JIT-safe" at line 172 of "C:/Program Files (x86)/FreeMat/toolbox/graph/plot.m"

    Figure 1 window pops up, it draws the axis but does not show a circle at 3, 3

    Now if I try plot(3, 3, 'r*')
    It shows a red star at 3, 3 correctly

  • Jehanzeb Khan Pathan

    Also just tested. I restarted FreeMat, debug window was empty
    I ran plot(3, 3, 'r*')

    The plot came up perfectly but the debug window showed the same error message as before. So that error is probably not associated with the circle symbol


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