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[586217] by Ulf Lorenz Ulf Lorenz

Review of task 236: some issues

Mainly: no test for the GeneratorRunner. While this is kind of trivial, the
test turned up a small hole (running the runner twice) that is now fixed.

2013-10-14 19:00:29 Tree
[3ededd] by shellingford55 shellingford55

Merge branch 'Task_233' of into Task_233

2013-10-13 11:31:18 Tree
[5320c6] by Renn Renn

Test push.

2013-10-13 11:16:19 Tree
[ad712b] by Renn Renn

Merge branch 'Task_233' of ssh:// into Task_233

2013-10-13 11:12:40 Tree
[b70083] by patton patton

Fixed a bug that prevented the layer test to work. Now it is ok. More work to come.

2013-10-13 07:39:42 Tree
[10a59f] by Ulf Lorenz Ulf Lorenz

trivial change to check permissions

2013-10-12 20:35:54 Tree
[f12951] by Renn Renn

Task 236 done.

2013-10-12 12:38:10 Tree
[17f168] by patton patton

Fix compilation issues and removed all AssertNotEquals since junit supports only AssertNotSame

2013-10-08 12:33:54 Tree
[c0016d] by Ulf Lorenz Ulf Lorenz

Review of task 235: minor issues here and there

made some of the tests slightly narrower in scope, added a missing test for
some code fix, and various minor cleanup.

2013-10-06 18:20:43 Tree
[eabd24] by Ulf Lorenz Ulf Lorenz

Review of task 233: added a test for a small bugfix

rest needs to be discussed a bit.

2013-10-04 11:44:08 Tree
[63b2d0] by prembhaskal prembhaskal

finalizing task 235.

2013-10-02 13:49:02 Tree
[6b7c92] by shellingford55 shellingford55

Task 233 finished.

2013-09-29 19:56:45 Tree
[142d0f] by shellingford55 shellingford55

Task 233 done.

2013-09-29 19:18:20 Tree
[665b16] by prembhaskal prembhaskal

added command to send choose scenario and scenario modus, on selection change.
added missing copyrights.

2013-09-29 17:11:19 Tree
[e38eaf] by prembhaskal prembhaskal

loading the scenario and scenario mod list, when player enter the configuration room.

2013-09-26 20:02:42 Tree
[4bd353] by prembhaskal prembhaskal

Further work on the Scenario List and Scenario Mod list for configuration room.

2013-09-21 19:05:22 Tree
[1325ed] by prembhaskal prembhaskal

started the task to build the GUI for the configuration room.

2013-09-05 19:09:14 Tree
[22d2d8] by prembhaskal prembhaskal

don't do anything when no facilitator exists yet!

2013-08-31 18:05:26 Tree
[e241bc] by prembhaskal prembhaskal

task 219 review.
nothing to comment... minor things.

2013-08-28 19:03:59 Tree
[0f6176] by Ulf Lorenz Ulf Lorenz

Finished task 219: Integrationtest for scenario transfer.

After considerably more hacking, it now works like a charm.

2013-08-25 20:32:21 Tree
[c35b1c] by Ulf Lorenz Ulf Lorenz

fixed remaining issues

Now again a stable build and everything. Work on the integrationtest can continue...

2013-08-24 20:15:29 Tree
[6952c4] by Ulf Lorenz Ulf Lorenz

Merge branch 'master' into task160

Not really stable yet because of some interface changes to be done.

2013-08-24 20:10:08 Tree
[b7a4cf] by Ulf Lorenz Ulf Lorenz

Task 219: Integrationtest for Scenario transfer

Forgot to add the test file

2013-08-24 20:01:36 Tree
[7071f9] by Ulf Lorenz Ulf Lorenz

Task 219: Integrationtest for scenario transfer

Added a half-finished integration test. Originally, I put this test in the wrong branch,
this should be fixed herewith (well, the branch task151 needs to be cleaned up as well).

2013-08-24 20:00:12 Tree
[8c453e] by prembhaskal prembhaskal

updated the copyright and other minor things.

2013-08-21 18:10:58 Tree
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