I want to welcome all old or new freeimage-users.
I'm Markus Loibl (mausoma), and in the next days/weeks I'll set up all the freeimage-sources I know of. This are:
- freeimage-core (www.6ixsoft.com)
- freeimage-activeX-wrapper (included in the last update)
- freeimage-docu (www.6ixsoft.com)
- Plugins, Tcl-Support (www.6ixsoft.com)
- modFreeImage.bas (Kevin Wilson, http://w3.one.net/~kevinw/VB/)
- FreeImageViewer (Alex Galkin, http://www.diskinspector.com)
- GraphicsSuite (Markus Loibl, http://www.codetools.com/bitmap/graphicsuite.asp)

Posted by Markus Loibl 2002-07-25

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