#116 Problem reading exr file.



I am having trouble reading an image (cf http://iparla.labri.fr/binaries/steel-sphere-render.tgz) encoded
with the .exr format.

While exrdisplay (ubuntu intrepid: Package: openexr-viewers,Versions: 1.0.1-2)
does load and does display
the image successfully, when using
FreeImage library (version 3.11.0)
the content (ie. the floating point values each pixel )
is not correctly read from the file.
Some pixels' values are set to infinity (see steel-sphere-render.log)

I am not sure if this problem comes from Freeimage or
libOpenEXR but since the image is correctly displayed using exrdisplay
I was wondering if it could come from Freeimage ?

Thanks for your answer,

Best regards,
Vincent Lebret Soler


  • Hervé Drolon

    Hervé Drolon - 2009-03-08


    This is a very strange behavior for which I don't have yet an answer ...
    Loading then saving as HDR or as TIFF, the image is then correctly loaded and displayed.
    Loading then saving as PFM, the image shows the same problem.
    On the other way, Photoshop can load any format (EXR, HDR, PFM, TIFF) without problem.
    There's something strange with the EXR plugin but I don't know yet what happen ...


  • Hervé Drolon

    Hervé Drolon - 2009-04-20

    This image contains 'not a number' (NaN) floating-point values.
    The only way I see to correct this is to check each pixel for NaNs (using e.g. _isnan() from float.h).
    I think exrdisplay checks for NaN inside void ImageView::computeFogColor () : that would explain why the image is displayed correctly.


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