Stand-alone app? Uh, where?

  • Byron

    Byron - 2006-09-08

    The project description boasts that it offers a stand-alone Swing client. But the only file available for download just has a .war file.

    I admit, I haven't dabbled with the dark side of Java (J2EE, EJB, Servlets, etc.) - can a WAR file be launched just like a JAR file?

    • Victor Anyakin

      Victor Anyakin - 2006-09-08


      yes, the project does have a stan-alone application module. Unfortunately, it is not released yet. In case if you wish to use it, you should get the latest sources, build the project and make a binary assembly in 'app' module. After you do this, you should get a .jar file which can be used as a stand-alone SWING app. Unfortunately, the assembly does not a Main-Class property in META-INF file, so, you shoul have to explicitely pass it to JVM:

      java -cp freehost3270-app-0.2-CURRENT-bin.jar net.sf.freehost3270.application.ClientLauncher

      Or, download this JAR file from here:
      (this is my development build)

      With best regards,

  • mauro

    mauro - 2012-05-07

    Victor, I use the jar that you provided in the link it is still licensed under
    I could also repackage the source in a standalone jar, but will I be covered
    under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE or it would be considered a
    derived work?
    Thank you :) :)

  • Victor Anyakin

    Victor Anyakin - 2012-05-08

    Hi Marma66,

    You are asking a legal question I am not qualified to answer properly. The
    license was inherited from the previous project owner (and its creator).
    Probably if you repackage the sources, the license will remain the same.


  • mauro

    mauro - 2012-05-08

    Thanks for the prompt reply. :-)
    All I need is a jar file. No need to change the code.
    So who is in control of this initiative? I can repackage it as a jar and
    contribute to this project.
    Thank you !

  • Victor Anyakin

    Victor Anyakin - 2012-05-10

    Hi Marma66,

    Then I guess that yes, the jar file will be also licensed under LGPL terms.

    According to the recent traffic on this message board, I am the only one left


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