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  • Markus Peters

    Markus Peters - 2003-12-08

    Hello together,
    i have remarked the freehost 3270-Project just a few weeks ago and I was very happy about it.

    I am a developer from germany.

    Most of my work is programming pure Host-Applications and as a new topic: "bring it to the web/lan".

    I have modified the JAVA-FREEHOST3270-Client to be useful in our environment and in the tests it works fine!
    (Great work  art!)

    At the moment,  my client could connect via SSL to (our) HOST, it could display (and input) german letters like @, it is more intelligent to input chars (for example, you can choose between insert or override Mode), positioning the cursor via Mouse, you can configure the applet via HTML and the whole code was transformed to JAVA 1.2 and Swing.

    But as I am not very familiar with LGPL, CVS  and so one, I am not sure to present the results to my chief and using it productive ;-)

    I would be very happy to present my modifications to anyone of the active developers and discuss about it.

    Would be nice to get any reaction.

    kindly regards
    Markus Peters

    • Todd Hackathorn

      Todd Hackathorn - 2003-12-08

      I would be interested in your changes, but am unfamiliar with cvs also.  I rewrote the freehost project to work in swing and it has been working for quite a while now.  i do hope to get it alittle faster.  I would be interested to see if you were able to speed it up any.  if you find out how to post/get from cvs, let me know.  i think there is a cvs tutorial on suns site, but I haven't had the time to read through it.

      Sorry I couldn't be any help.
      Todd Hackathorn

      • Markus Peters

        Markus Peters - 2003-12-10

        Hello Todd,
        I have sent my personal Version to you. If it has not reached you, please let me know.


    • Tolga Sevim

      Tolga Sevim - 2005-07-14

      Hi all,

      I also wopuld like to have your personal versions. Right now I am working in a Cobol project but I have a Java background. I would like to modify your swing versions in order to run my automated tests (or see if thats possible).
      I would very much appreciate your help.

      Tolga Sevim
      Frankfurt (

    • Victor Anyakin

      Victor Anyakin - 2005-12-08

      Hello Markus and everybody,

      I would also like to join our efforts in bringing new life into the freehost3270 project.

      Please, join the mailing list to coordinate our efforts.

      • Markus Peters

        Markus Peters - 2005-12-08

        Hello anyakin,
        very nice to hear from you, that other people were also interested in the continuation of the project.
        I will join the mailinglist.
        Kindly regards


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