Another fork ?

  • bsopen

    bsopen - 2011-09-15

    We did several changes this year to see if we can use FH3270.

    Source was retrieved from
    (see recommendation of jstrayer at

    Now that it looks like all the changes are working (more or less) we'd like to
    give back our efforts of improving FreeHost3270.

    Due to lack of documentation of the changes here are some changes in short:

    • Java 6 is required
    • implemented character-conversion
    • converted all the short's and short to byte (less copying)
    • ...
    • hopefully more stable

    Our work with this code isn't finished yet and will continue with some planned
    minor extensions and ofcourse bugfixes during the next weeks.

    Because of (all) the changes it won't be to easy to compare to the version
    we checked out of the svn-repository.

    Given that and the fork on github the big question now is:

    Anybody interested in our changes ?

    If not - we will (have to) release another fork.


    • Denis Molony

      Denis Molony - 2013-03-19

      I'd be very interested, in fact I've just spent the last week working on the original sources also.

  • bsopen

    bsopen - 2011-09-22

    Did some more changes and I am about to comming to an end.
    Next will be documentation of the major changes.

    Would be nice to know if there is any interest in these changes and maybe
    merge that with the original source (or just take it as it is, or ... ???).

  • Alan Krueger

    Alan Krueger - 2011-10-05

    I'd be interested in seeing them, maybe on github?

  • bsopen

    bsopen - 2011-10-06

    To send you a packed eclipse-project-folder would be ok also ?

  • Alan Krueger

    Alan Krueger - 2011-10-06

    Sure, why not.


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