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I have considered this, and tried to resolve this issue.


Note that I received this code as is, and given the duty to maintain and improve it, therefore I was not there at the time the application was created, and could not confirm whether the application was created as an MFC application or not. The settings in the project (General tab in the project settings) under “Use of MFC” give three choices: “Use standard Windows Librairies” (current setting), “Use MFC in a static librairy” and “Use MFC in a Shared DLL”.


Since the current option was the furthest one from using MFC as far as I could see, I tried creating a new project, picked “Win32 Console Application” under the Win32 tab, and copied my files in that project and tried again, yet I still get the same errors, and the option in the project settings under Use of MFC are the same.


If there is another way to get rid of MFC that I am not aware of I’d gladly use it, but from what I can see the MFC is being called without being included explicitly in the project options.





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        Perhaps the problem is that you are using MFC?

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