Dear all,

My name is Derek. I am intending to use the program program Pymol. I was easily able to get this to work on a
OSX 10.7.3 laptop (core i7). However, when after doing the same series of steps to install everything on
an iMac (core i3), I get the following error when starting up Pymol:

freeglut (pymol):  ERROR:  Internal error <visualInfo could not be retrieved from FBConfig> in function fgOpenWindow

I am unsure if there is a way to build freeglut in such a manner as to avoid this error, but I am new
to freeglut and not sure where to start. Of course, there is also the possibility that the error is the result of something beyond
freeglut, but I do not yet know of a way to determining this. Since the error appears to have been thrown by freeglut, I have come
here. I suspect there may have been some communication problems with X11, but I would like to ask your thoughts since I 
found nothing about this error in a web search. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. 

For further information, I performed a complete installation from source AND installed from MacPorts, but both methods resulted
in the above error when running Pymol. This error only occurs on the core i3 computer iMac. The laptop runs without any problems.

Best Regards,
Derek Thomas