On Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 10:55 AM, John F. Fay <johnffay@nettally.com> wrote:

     Would this be useful as a "freeglut" demo program?  I've not been
involved in OpenGL for some years now and so I am not up to speed as to
what is going on here.

A demo program might be the right place for it.

One of the early design decisions that OpenGL made was separation between the 3D API and the windowing API. GLUT (and, as successor, freeglut) was designed to provide a common API for the heterogeneous windowing APIs (AGL, WGL, GLX). A separate utility library (GLU) was created to provide some higher level rendering functions not in OpenGL.

The proposed shader support is definitely higher level functionality than available in OpenGL, but it's not necessarily related to the windowing system. So I'm not sure GLUT/freeglut would be the right place for it. And most middleware libraries (OSG, OGRE, jag-3d.googlecode.com) already have higher-level support for shaders.

Sticking the code in a freeglut example, or rejecting it entirely, seems like the right option.