I think if there's a good way to keep a git repo in sync with an svn repo, then this is indeed an excellent solution.

On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 9:19 AM, Diederick C. Niehorster <dcnieho@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks all for weighing in. It seems we shouldn't do the move now,
things are working well as they are.
The main reason for git (or another cheap branching VCS) in my opinion
would be that we can keep ports to new platforms out of the mainline
until they are ready.

I still see this as something meaningful and i think i'll put a
git-svn copy of the freeglut repo (as made with my favorite GUI
smartgit--hardly ever have to break out to terminal) on github under
my personal account. This would in no way be a fork, and i intend to
keep the master branch in sync with the svn head only, no other
commits would happen there. In the other direction, developments on
github would happen in branches and only be synced to svn (and the git
master branch) once ready for serious work/potential release. Bugfixes
and small enhancements can still happen directly in svn, and all bug
tracking and such should stay on sourceforge.

Does that sound like a best of both worlds? I don't mind the little
overhead that would befall me.


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