I am assuming Windows, because I had the same (or similar) issue, and my situation is also windowed.

The width/height made available in the reshape callback include extra window size information, but I didn't see a portable way to determine those sizes (outside of a define or the like to call windows functions to get various sizes).

For a non-portable solution, I'm just calling GetClientHeight and using those values (on the viewport call, and during calculations for mouse position) instead.

I would love to see a better solution though : )


On Sat, Oct 13, 2012 at 7:32 PM, Jean-Claude Gervais <> wrote:

When I first start my application, drawing coordinates correspond to mouse-reporting positions, meaning if I hover the mouse at (10,10) and issue a drawing command to draw a pixel at (10,10), the pixel appears right under the mouse pointer.

However, I have recently implemented a reshape function, if I grab the window by its lower-right-hand corner and generate lots of callbacks to the reshape function, the physical drawing coordinates gradually drift away from their original positions toward the bottom and right.

Whatever window size I specify originally, drawing and mouse coordinates line up, but after enough resizing of the window, they progressively drift apart, whether I am making the window bigger or smaller. The mouse-reporting positions seem to stay absolute and correct, but all drawing in the window seems to drift even if I hard-code coordinates.

The application is a simple 2D display.

What should I do to fix this?

Thank you

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