The name with leading underscores is necessary to keep compatibility with the most common version of GLUT on Windows: Nate Robin's version of GLUT (glut32.dll). If you remove it, you cannot replace glut32.dll by freeglut32.dll. You can add a version without the leading underscores, altough.
- André

Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 12:20:31 -0500
Subject: [Freeglut-developer] glutInitWithExit



            In following Bertus’ error, I find that the “glutInitWithExit” function is defined only for Windows hosts and has two underscores in front of its name.  I would like VERY much for it to be implemented in *nix and renamed to remove the leading underscores.  We will need to keep the name with the underscores for a while but it should be deprecated as soon as possible.


John F. Fay

Technical Fellow, Modeling and Simulation

Jacobs Technology / TEAS Group

P.O. Box 1935, Eglin AFB, FL  32542-5000



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