On 26 June 2011 22:28, John Tsiombikas <nuclear@member.fsf.org> wrote:
I agree 100%. It seems there is no sane way to implement the GLUT
primitives in OpenGL 4/OpenGL ES 2. Anything we could try to make this
work is pointless and complicated, and most importantly incompatible
with the original GLUT usage, where you simply called glutSolidTeapot
and it just worked.

It sounds like you are afraid that you will lose the old way of using [free]GLUT. I am not proposing anything like that. What I am proposing that everybody can use freeglut with any branch of OpenGL they want, like I do.

I have ported an application to work with OpenGL ES 1.x, OpenGL 1.x, OpenGL 2.x (with shaders) and OpenGL ES 2.x. Each compilations use some version of freeglut. Okay, that application don't use freeglut fonts, menus or geometries, but some other may need them.

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