This auxiliary buffer support is opening a small can of worms for me.  In particular, I am looking at "glutInitDisplayMode" and "glutInitDisplayString" as they compare to "fgChooseVisual (for X) and "fgSetupPixelFormat" (for Win32).  The "glutInitDisplayMode" function sets a bitmap variable to an input variable which is (presumably) also a bitmap.  The "glutInitDisplayString" function parses tokens.  On the other hand, the other two functions are looking not just for bit settings but also for numerical values.  For example, the tokens "red", "green", and "blue" are supposed to specify buffer precisions in bits.  The "glutInitDisplayMode" does not have anything like a capability to capture this information while "glutInitDisplayString" could parse the next token but instead does nothing.  Meanwhile, the "fgChooseVisual" function sets the "GLX_RED_SIZE", "GLX_GREEN_SIZE", and "GLX_BLUE_SIZE fields to one each while "fgSetupPixelFormat" sets the "cRedBits", "cGreenBits", and "cBlueBits" fields all to zero.

        If anybody knows what is going on here, I would appreciate it if he could explain it.  Failing that, I propose to try making the system rational (keeping the present X behavior as the default--and testing Windows, hoping that nothing breaks) while implementing the ability to pass values in.

John F. Fay
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OK, I've checked in fixes for all the compilation problems and added
AUX buffer support.  I wasn't sure how to implement it for WGL so
someone else will have to do that.


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