That is an extremely good question, which I had not considered until a couple of weeks ago.  Someone over on the OpenGLUT side suggested that the "h" stood for "helper," that these are helper functions to the main "freeglut" functions themselves.  I don't have a better explanation; it's a nomenclature that we inherited from Pawel (who started the "freeglut" library) and haven't had any reason to change.

John F. Fay
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> There are several "fg" functions in "freeglut" that are referred to
> only within their individual files and which I propose to convert to "fgh"
> functions and make them static.

Just curious - what is the significance of adding "h" to indicate they are a
static function?  "H" for "Hidden"? "Hernia"?  "Hippo"?  I could understand
"fgs" where the "s" stands for "static,", but I'm unclear why "H"?


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