Steve's opinion on this is probably colored (coloured?) because he's British.  He did, however, have the good fortune to move to the United States.  He may consider this to be a mixed blessing at times, though.

Back during the days of Prohibition (in the 1920's when the production, sale, and consumption of alcoholic drinks was illegal in the entire United States) there was a rhyme that was current near the Canadian border:

        Four-and-twenty Yankees, feeling very dry,
        Slipped across the border looking for some rye*.
        When the rye was opened, the Yanks began to sing,
        "God bless America, but God save the king!"

*For people whose first language is not English, rye is a type of whiskey as well as a type of grain.

John F. Fay

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With such an answer and if you really want to boycott
french products i just reply:
but THANKS to the USA


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