OK, thank you, this is how it will be.  The "freeglut" behaviour shall be that the idle callback continues to be called when menus are active.

This is a fine project if the guy in charge can't even put changes into CVS!  I am at the moment sufficiently frazzled with trying to get a working version out the door that I don't trust myself with design decisions.

Would perhaps a small tweak on RC3 (add a few checks for setting the current window, for example) have filled the bill?

John F. Fay

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Fay John F Contr AAC/WMG wrote:
> Egad!  This calls for a design decision.  Which way do we want
> "freeglut" to behave?  Do we want it to follow GLUT's Windows behavior
> (animation stops when a menu appears) or GLUT's Linux behavior
> (animation continues when a menu appears)?
> Steve!  We need a decision.

*ME* ?

It's your project - I just pay the rent!

IMHO, if GLUT behaves differently on different OS's - then programs
should not have been written to rely on one behavior over the other.

Hence, we could legitimately choose to do either what GLUT does on
Windoze *or* what it does under Linux - and yet still claim to have
improved on the original by making things more portable!

I prefer that the fish^H^H^H^H marine mammals keep on swimming when
you pop open the menu.

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