Unless it is really urgent, I would like to save this until after we release version 2.0.0.  I did put the contents of your e-mail into the feature list, though.

        I think the difference between minimizing a window and having another window partially cover a window is that in the latter case part of the window is still visible.

John F. Fay

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Sorry I've been quiet lately--I have work that needs to be finished before
vacation. The work uses freeglut though :-)

I am noticing that a visibility callback is not invoked when one minimizes a
window (under X), but it is if a window is obscured by another window. This
makes no sense. I don't really care what GLUT proper does, but a minimized
window cannot possibly be considered "Visible". We should have some extension
to provide a callback for this (say GLUT_MINIMIZED argument to glutVisibility

I do not know glX or X. Can someone help with this?

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