I have gone through all the GLUT demos listed in the "demos" directory.  There are a couple of extremely minor issues which I had not brought up earlier and two earlier issues which seem to have fixed themselves.  (They were #19, about "skyfly" resetting the colors on my screen, and #22, about the "walker" demo not loading its display lists properly.)  This is the good news.

The bad news is that we seem to have a problem with "freeglut" making phantom joystick callbacks.  I don't have a joystick attached to my computer but when I run the "asteroids.c" file in the "gameglut" directory (I think it's from the GLUT tarball; I can send the source to interested parties as it's only 442 lines) I get innumerable calls to the "joystick" function until I move or resize the window.  I think we need at least to track this down before releasing a "stable" version of "freeglut".

John F. Fay