I am trying to implement the window position and size code.  Since this is rather a momentous change, I don't want to make it without some explicit comments in favour of it.  At the moment I plan to break compatibility with GLUT because GLUT doesn't work properly across the platforms.

        I propose that the position of a window be the x- and y-coordinates of the upper left hand corner of its outer edge.  This means that the drawable area will be somewhat further down and to the right.  At the moment GLUT does this in Linux but not in Windows, and "freeglut" mimics this behaviour.

        I also propose that the "glutGet" function with arguments "GLUT_WINDOW_X" and "GLUT_WINDOW_Y" return the coordinates of the upper left hand corner of the outer edge of the window.  At the moment it does not do this on any platform, either in "freeglut" or in GLUT.  On Windows this is okay because it is consistent with the way the window is positioned when it is defined.  On Linux this is not okay because it means you can create a window at (100,100) and its position will be returned as (106,120).

        I propose further that the size of a window be the dimensions of its drawable area.  GLUT and "freeglut" both do this on all platforms, as far as I know.  To change it would wreak havoc on existing applications.

John F. Fay