I have been working on Nuno Afonso's sample program and have found that "freeglut" chokes when it tries to run it under Linux.  Comparing it with the "bluepony" demo I find that the significant difference is that the sample program sets the "glutInitDisplayMode" to "GLUT_SINGLE" while the "bluepony" demo uses "GLUT_DOUBLE".  What happens then is that in "fgChooseVisual" (freeglut_window.c:175) when the code calls "glXChooseVisual" with "GLX_DOUBLEBUFFER" (see also line 117) the call returns a pointer value while without it the call returns null.  Since my knowledge of "glX" is null I would appreciate any help in this matter.

        Nuno tells me that the program runs under the CVS version of "freeglut", but I have not been able to compile the CVS version.  (It requires GLIB, which I don't have.)  I have been able to compile and run his program under GLUT, and GLUT supports the "GLUT_SINGLE" properly.

John F. Fay

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