The present CVS version of "freeglut" has the window closure features implemented.  You can download it from the "download" link on the Freeglut home page.  It's an extension to the API and I have tested it pretty well for Windows.  I think it works for Linux as well.

It's kind of late on Friday at the moment (for me at least), and I won't be back on line until Tuesday, but then I can answer you at greater length.

John F. Fay

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i'm starting to create a framework API (like gtk) and i want it to be
fully portable (at least win and *nix) and for so i was thinking of
using GLUT but it has some gaps, like if you close a window on the X it
closes the whole application, which you don't want if you have some 'ok
dialog' and the user closes it on the X your whole application closes..

So i heard about freeglut and i was wondering if you are thinking of
develope such features (onClose callbacks at least) or some king of
window control events.

The reason why i ask this is because if you were developing such
features i would only bother with the API.
That way i didn't need to be patch'ing GLUT in order to create such

I don't know if you're interested in this, but if you are (at least to
take some ideas), there is someone who already did an onClose event
catcher by the name of glutWMDeleteWindow (i don't know if it supports
win / linux and how it is implemented.. maybe it doesn't take care of
closing a window on the X closing the whole application).
The files are under source...

Hope for some answer,
Nuno Afonso

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