I just sent Mr. Tilton a Windows zipped copy of my latest "freeglut" (540 K) with an offer of a zipped copy of my "freeglut" demos (copied directly from the GLUT demos, 3.5 M).

        If I may ask, where is the "tar gz" file that Mr. Tilton mentions?  I have been copying and pasting my "freeglut" files from CVS one at a time and cutting out the extraneous text.  It's a royal pain.  And if it is indeed incompatible with Windows, is it possible for somebody to add a Windows-compatible version?

John F. Fay

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Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 11:27 PM
Subject: [Freeglut-developer] WinZip can't open freeglut downloads


I thought I would see if I could get FreeGlut up and running under Win32
and hack on that instead of the original GLUT. But WinZip does not seem
to like the tar.gz's (which it normally handles without a problem):

"Error reading header after loading 0 entries."

Should I try a different compression utility? Can others get to the
FreeGlut source from win32? If so, what do you use to open the files?



  kenny tilton
  clinisys, inc
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