Having just tried to compile "freeglut" on an SGI on a file-by-file basis, I have found a couple of glitches:

(1) In "freeglut_main.c", on line 339 and in "freeglut_init.c", on line 358, the "#ifndef TARGET_HOST_WIN32" should be changed to "#if TARGET_HOST_UNIX_X11".  The defined constant "TARGET_HOST_WIN32", while it has a value of zero, is still defined.

(2) In "freeglut_main.c", on line 680, there should be a variable definition "GLboolean pressed = TRUE ;".  A couple of lines further down, there needs to be a conditional setting:  "if ( event.type == ButtonRelease ) pressed = FALSE ;"

(3) The file "freeglut_joystick.c" had about a dozen errors, several of which ranged around a variable named "js" not being defined.  Since my application does not use the joystick, I did not record them.

Has anybody else run into these problems before?

John F. Fay