Hello - My name is Jim Mathies, ive been here since last spring. 

I'm currently working on another soon-to-be opensource project which
uses GLUT - It's called Yindo. (http://www.yindo.com/)  I was really
looking forward to a new implementation of Glut, and I'm glad someone is
taking over this project.  Unfortunately, I've been working on
a new version of Glut anyway, because the original freeglut project
(IMHO) did not address a primary issues with Glut - specifically the
lack of a context based library that support multiple instances. I also
feel a better place to start would have been the original GLUT code, not
a complete rewrite.

I'd like to see if I can get freeglut to address some issues so
I can use it in Yindo. It's either that or continue re-writing Glut on
my own, something I'd rather not do.


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Wow!  A post to a freeglut list!

Aside from the occasional tumble-weed rolling by, it's been eerily
since I took over the lead on this project.

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