Hi John,
I see a lot of these have patches attached already. Are you going to put these in SVN and close them? Please let us know which you would like to have tested before you do so (or if you want them tested after you put them in).
I have two pet peeves as well actually that I'll try to take a look at (with Windows).
The first one is that gamemode does not seem to switch the display mode at all even I request it to do so
The second is that calling
nScreenWidth_  = glutGet( GLUT_SCREEN_WIDTH ); 
nScreenHeight_ = glutGet( GLUT_SCREEN_HEIGHT );
right after a
Seems to always return 640x480 for me. I'll investigate when I get to it. But if anybody has some hints, I'd be grateful!
A last thing I would be happy if we have it would be
glutGet( GLUT_SCREEN_REFRESH_RATE ), though this is not in the original GLUT. Can I investigate this or will it be shot down as it is not in the original GLUT?
Best and thanks for any input,
On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 12:14, John Fay <johnffay@cybertron.com> wrote:

    Since we're having a bit of activity here, I thought I would put out a list of things from the last year that would be nice to fix:

3162015 glutIgnoreKeyRepeat not functioning in 2.6 Open 2011-01-19 nobody G.Masucci None 5
 3161214 [PATCH] Remove unneeded executable permissions Open 2011-01-18 nobody scop None 5
 3156651 glutSolidTorus uses incorrect radii Open 2011-01-12 nobody marshallch None 3
 3112718 resolution changing Open 2010-11-19 nobody rememberpol None 5
 3106347 Incorrect normals for glutSolidCone (with patch) Open 2010-11-09 fayjfProject Admin nigels None 5
 3105058 glutGet(GLUT_DISPLAY_MODE_POSSIBLE) crashes Open 2010-11-07 nobody jasonwilkins None 5
 3104860 Accumulation buffer doesn't work on Windows Open 2010-11-07 nobody hayohayo None 5
 3077828 Compilation issues of freeglut 2.6.0 on Solaris Open 2010-09-29 nobody dmichelsenSourceForge.net Subscriber None 5
 3058987 glut apps segfault due to use of unchecked null pointer Open 2010-09-03 nobody ariclone None 5
 3058389 Typo in the makefile for Open Watcom Open 2010-09-02 nobody dragonion None 5
 3048705 fgOpenWindow should only return after the window is mapped Open 2010-08-19 nobody hramrach None 5
 3021707 Remove/Change header hardcoding for OpenGL 3 Open 2010-06-26 nobody mokaga None 5
 3021598 fgSetWindow causing CPU usage Open 2010-06-25 nobody gammaburst None 5
 3016611 FBConfig internal error (regression freeglut 2.4 -> 2.6) Open 2010-06-15 nobody dmacksSourceForge.net Subscriber and Donor None 5
 3013398 Problems Getting OpenGL to Show 3D Object Properly Open 2010-06-08 nobody caglow None 5
 3008652 freeglut_joystick.c doesn't build on FreeBSD-8 Open 2010-05-28 nobody killasmurf86 None 5
 2983679 compile of smooth_opengl3.c fails on Solaris 10/Sparc Open 2010-04-08 nobody marekr None 5
 2958484 OpenWatcom makefile errors Open 2010-02-24 nobody tchannon None 5
 2952457 GLUT_ACTION_CONTINUE_EXECUTION with glutTimerFunc Open 2010-02-15 nobody wrljet None 5
 2951796 Tao Mono Open 2010-02-14 nobody bilboke1024 None 5
 2946386 default configure.ac type Open 2010-02-05 nobody radishrabbit None 5

You can find this at


which is the first page of the "freeglut" bug report list.  If anybody has quick and easy solutions to some of these, I am willing to put them into Subversion.  It looks like some of them already do.

    - JOhn

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