HI there,
  I tried to port one of our projects onto mac, now freeglut is the last one to tackle. I've downloaded freeglut 2.6.0 and initially built everything ok on mac. Then I think that's it until ran into "bus error" when trying to start programme.

  Compilation/linking all seemed ok. The only problem is this run time one and that's the only error msg available --- no more than that!

  After good two days investigation/tests, I've concluded it's because freeglut not running correctly on mac--at least on my configuration -- since I'm having the same 'bus error' on all demo programmes under 'freeglut-2.6.0/progs/demo/'. 

  Any suggestions/thoughts of what causes 'bus error'?

  Which OpenGL library freeglut tends to link with by default?

  I understand there is a mac version of opengl implementation shipping with OSX (inlcuding GLUT), with different include directive and link options, e.g. <OpenGL/gl.h> instead of <GL/gl.h>, <GLUT/glut.h>,     -framework OpenGL, -framework GLUT, instead of -lGL -lglut, etc.

  I've also installed MESA 7.6.1 via macports (long before I realised the exist of mac implementation of opengl), which is installed by default under 'standard' locations, i.e. /usr/local/include/GL/, /usr/local/lib/. 

  I assume freeglut should by default link against with MESA one, rather one native mac version, since it only include <GL/gl.h> under 'freeglut-2.6.0src/', nothing like <OpenGL/gl.h> can be found, nor link options like -framework in makefile.

  The strange thing is MESA does not seems to be broken - I can run 'glxgears' and see three spinning R,G, B gears. So even freeglut link to this one it still should work, shouldn't it? 


  Thanks in advance!