Thanks for your quick replies!

I'm new to these forums, I'm assuming I simply reply to this email?  We'll see. 

I've seen interesting behavior when experimenting with this, and I've had some success.  When I'm on my home machine, and I run the program, it does not render to the dimensions I specify.  When I run the program on our tiled-display cluster (mpi/opengl), it actually works.

I think it may have something to do with the X-server configuration.  The documentation for glutInitWindowPositions states " If either the X or Y component to the initial window position is negative, the actual window position is left to the window system to determine." ...of course thats from the glut documentation not freeglut.

I'm going to conduct a couple tests today, and I'll provide more details.


On Sat, Sep 11, 2010 at 9:42 AM, John F. Fay <> wrote:

        Hello again.  Any good word on this?

        There is a "glutFullScreen" call, but it has had problems in
the past and I don't know if they have been worked out before.

        I've been pretty thoroughly buried but am trying to come up
for air.  This is one of the items on my list to attend to.

                - John

At 02:33 PM 9/8/2010, you wrote:
>Does freeglut  support rendering "outside" the monitor, as if I
>specified glutInitWindowPosition( -100, -100) and
>glutInitWindowSize( screenWidth + 200, screenHeight + 200)? In this
>case I would render 100 pixels around the outside of the monitor.
>I'm trying to hide the 'bezels' or 'mullions' of a tiled monitor
>Help and other suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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