Following up on the thread, "freeglut API from a new user's perspective",

Paolo:  I looked back into the archives but missed your posting on celui.  Sorry.
Andreas:  Correct.  My original idea was not to rewrite freeglut to be OO, but to
add some overloaded C++ friendly calls to its interface,...

  Your characterization of a wrapper is the same or similar.  We are thinking about the same thing. 

   I have written a window class, intermediate-level classes such as drawAxis, and classes to perform several of the OpenGL drawing primitives.  With them I can set up windows, populate them with drawn objects, and redraw them in C++.  RGB colors, fonts, and strings are handled--albeit in a fairly messy fashion because I'm new at this.   Although the code is C++, few OO features are included at this point. 
     I would rather work on my data than program drawing primitives in C++.   But I failed to discover a good open-source, platform-interchangeable screen-drawing API that was lean enough to rely on for real time scientific data collection.  (Matlab and similar high-level apps with hooks almost certainly involve too much overhead.)  So here I am. freeglut is wonderful because it frees me from having to learn how to open windows, etc. on my OS.  But it would be more wonderful if standardized open source code were available so that users like me didn't have to get down to the level of global callback addresses, arbitrary font sizing, and so on.