Hello and welcome to "freeglut".  I apologize for the time required to get back to you but I have been out of town.

        I have very little experience with multi-head systems and none (that I know of) with xinerama.  One thing I noted with my Linux installation on a multi-head system is that I couldn't get a direct rendering context.  That is probably a different problem from yours.

        The support for "glutInitDisplayMode" in "freeglut" is not complete, to the best of my knowledge.  I have a couple of questions to try to narrow down the problem:

(1) What operating system are you using?
(2) Are you using "freeglut" or the original GLUT?

John F. Fay
Technical Fellow, Jacobs/Sverdrup TEAS Group
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Bonjour a Tous,

        Trying to develop a small graphic application using GLUT and
        got trouble to have my windows content refresh when
        'slidding' (or resizing)  it on the screen 2 of my
        xinerama screens (multi-head).
        Other application (not glut) a working well. Glut example
        I compile locally have the same trouble.

        If the windows is partly on both screen only the screen 1
        is refresh while screen 2 just show the window border, window
        background showing other previous contents (as if on this
        part the color was 'no color')...

        I am pretty sure I am forgetting something withing
        GLUT definition (a parameter within glutInitDisplayMode?).

        Search all over Documentation found nothing relevant, could
        some body give me a hint?

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