I have a spaceball/tablet/dials-and-buttons function that has been tested by a dials box user and that I developed independently of the existing dial box functionality.  I was looking to reconcile the two versions and get the spaceball and tablet support in.

        There is a bug fix for the Windows alpha support (I'll get you a "diff" file shortly) and a "glutGetWindow" bug that I haven't gotten a fix for yet.  There's the question of the timing of opening a window (immediately or in the "glutMainLoopEvent" call) that another user has raised.  There are probably some other changes that I will find as I go through my archives.

        I'll see how much I can get to you and how quickly.

John F. Fay
Technical Fellow, Jacobs/Sverdrup TEAS Group
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OK - I don't see why we couldn't make a two week deadline?

What patches need to be rolled in and tested before we can shoot for a release?

If we aim for two weeks then if we screw up and release with some kind of fatal problem, we still have a few days to recover the situation.

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