Glad to hear that the fix works.  Now if the SourceForge CVS will come back so we can move to SVN ... And if my local computer security guys will let me back onto SourceForge at all (they put it on the Forbidden List a week ago) ... We might get somewhere.

        Regarding the number of samples, there's a "glxGetConfig" call with "GLX_SAMPLES_SGIS" as an argument.  It might be an X setting rather than an OpenGL setting.  In fact, a quick look through the OpenGL Red Book does not reveal a "GL_SAMPLES"--although I may not have looked in the right place.

John F. Fay
Technical Fellow, Jacobs/Sverdrup TEAS Group
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Subject: Re: [Freeglut-developer] GLUT_MULTISAMPLE

Fay John F Dr CTR USAF AFSEO/SK wrote:
> OK, here's what I have so far ...
> Freeglut_window.c:135 or so:
> <quote>
>       if( fgState.DisplayMode & GLUT_AUX3 )
>           ATTRIB_VAL( GLX_AUX_BUFFERS, 3 );
>       if( fgState.DisplayMode & GLUT_AUX4 )
>           ATTRIB_VAL( GLX_AUX_BUFFERS, 4 );
> +     if ( fgState.DisplayMode & GLUT_MULTISAMPLE )
> +         ATTRIB_VAL( GLX_SAMPLES_SGIS, 4 );
>       /* Push a null at the end of the list */
>       ATTRIB( None );
>       if( ! wantIndexedMode )
> </quote>
> I can't find anything in Windows about multisampling.  Any help here
> would be appreciated.

This works for me, when applied to 2.4.0 tree.
The FSAA is visible.

glGetIntegerv(GL_SAMPLES, &nsamples);
does not seem to work properly.

It returns '1' for me, even if scene if visible rendered with fsaa.
I think it may even return bogus uninitialized data, as I've seen it return 138052968 as well.

But this would be a libGL issue, not a glut issue???


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