Since it is the end of April now, and I said a short time ago that I hoped to have "freeglut" 2.4.0 released by the end of May, let me set out a tentative schedule.

Now through May 6 (a week from today):  Any additional features that people want to go into 2.4.0 get brought up to the developers' mailing list and put into the CVS code.

May 9:  Release Candidate 1 gets cut.  Somebody besides me will need to do this.

May 9 through May 30:  Release Candidates get tested.  If/when we find that changes are necessary, I propose to roll out new Release Candidates on May 13, May 20, and May 27.  (These are all Fridays.)

May 31:  "freeglut" 2.4.0 gets released.

        Does anybody have a heartburn or other trouble with this schedule?

John F. Fay