Steve has, as usual, hit the nail on the head.  There will probably be a dozen variations on the operating system and maintaining them would be a great increase in the workload.  And an application programmer who needs "freeglut" will have a compiler, while an end user who doesn't have a compiler should get a "freeglut" binary with his application distribution.  So the question of "sources and the means to build them" is answered by the MSVC workspace and project files.

John F. Fay
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Mike A. Harris wrote:

> If supplying anything prebuilt for Windows users, please make separate
> binary tarballs for this, rather than including prebuilt binaries in
> the source code distribution tarballs.

Getting into the binary distribution business is VERY tricky.  Will
you need different versions for various OS's?  Different compilers?
Debug builds?

If this project is run by a Linux user, who will guarantee to be
here to build the various Windows binaries promptly for ever new

I'm not saying we shouldn't do this - but it's always been my view
that a source distribution should contain *JUST* the sources and
the means to build them.

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