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    The first question to ask is, what has changed in the last twelve months.  Did you upgrade "freeglut", X11, or anything else relevant?  The error message "Cannot open ..." does not appear anywhere in "freeglut" that I can find.  Is there an earlier version of "freeglut" that still works for you?

        - John

On 10/30/2012 5:40 PM, Slimick, John C wrote:

I am using freeglut 2.60-5, Mesa 7.9, kde 4.5.2, Fedora 14, and Xwindows 1.3.4-3 as a basis for
lab assignments in the Introduction to CS lab. I have a problem I just can't understand.

The program wk8p4.cpp draws a Lorenz butterfly using freeglut and X11.  I am attaching
the .cpp file, the runnable object (wk8p4) and glutmake for building the object as in

     $  make -f glutmake

I believe this will work for you, but in my multiuser environment I frequent get the following

    $ ./wk8p4
   <long wait>
    Cannot open window 16  (or something very near)


This occurs with the fifth user(and he gets similar errors with windows 11, 12 , and 13.
I sometimes get this on window 0:

  $echo  $DISPLAY 

I simply do not understand why this error occurs. Twelve months ago
this same configuration ran okay, but not now.
Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

john slimick
Emeritus Assoc Prof of CS
University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
Bradford PA 16701
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