Done in change set 917

    - John

On 4/24/2011 9:19 AM, Eero Pajarre wrote:
When experimenting with glutFullScreen I noticed a need for borderless
windows. (If full screen window has borders, those borders will be
visible on other screens on multi screen setup).

On Microsoft Windows the GLUT_BORDERLESS did not work for me (on
Windows XP and Windows 7).

Could somebody else check the following patches. The patch to
freeglut_window.c changes the actual borderless setting and the change
for freeglut_main fixes the drawing area placement, which otherwise
would still assume the window header size.

I have looked at this mainly for full screen use, so the actual window
size might still need checking?  Jason Wilkins had a window size
patch, which might work together with this?

Let me know if the patches are not clean to apply, I had to edit them
a little, because I have other changes in these files too.

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