Hi Sven,

I just detected that this was discussed by John Fay and Micah Richert last week too!
They talk about a possible "GLUT_USE_SHAREDLISTS" and the OS
inconsistency in GLUT_USE_CURRENT_CONTEXT, please see:
http://www.nabble.com/UseCurrentContext-t2911474.html or
and http://www.nabble.com/user/UserProfile.jtp?user=277507

Am Mittwoch, 10. Januar 2007 14:49 schrieb FSG DV Johannes Falk:
Some state like "GLUT_SHARE_DISPLAY_LISTS" would be great!

I think that this would be a misnomer. If I understand the current state of 
affairs correctly, not only display lists, but texture objects and buffer 
objects are shared between contexts then, too. IIRC the corresponding MSDN 
documentation is wrong in this respect and all those resources are shared on 
Windows, too.