Nobody can help?

2009/12/23 Loic Quertenmont <>
Hi all,
this is my first post on this mailing list, so let me first thanks all the freeGlut developpers for the very nice work they are doing with this library.  As it is stated on the webpage, freeGlut start to becoming old, but it is anyway still the bets library for multiplatform applications...  I must confess, that I moved to use FLTK during few months... but I changed my mind and came back to freeGlut for its stability and simplicity as well as its light weight;
I have nevertheless some problems in porting back my code to freeGlut, I am using VBO, textures and display lists (and also shaders but this is a less big problems), and I would like to have a multiple window program.
The objects I rendered nicely if I worl with one single window and different viewport in it... but if I used multiple window (instead of multiple viewport).  my displayed objects are not all drawn on all the windows... few are drawn on each window...
I guess it is because by default, the OPENGl context is not shared between window...
This bring me to my question: is therre anyway to share one unique openGl context between the different window?
or is there another solution?
of course, because of the complexity of the objects I have to draw, I don't wan create the VBOs in each window...!
(just for info, don't know if it is useufl or not, I am using GLEw as well (with multiple context option) and I am setting the glew context correctly in all my window..., I am currently working on windows vista, but the code will be executed on Linux, Windows and MacOS)
thanks for help,