and non-optimized code together. In fact, with runtime linking,
programs that use system DLLs are always linking against "release" mode
versions. This means that I can take my program, compile it in "debug"
mode, link against Windows DLLs (which are compiled in "release" mode)
and use the functions contained in them.
Just don't try to cross the MSVCRT.DLL boundry into MSVCRTD.DLL area and expect things to work right. I'm thinking Environment variables here but I have seen pointers newed in debug land and freed in release land crash horribly.

No where in my original email did I jump up and down and say, "I love bill gates I think the way Microsoft does things is the best way."

I would just like to have a .so I can step into and know that when I hit the "next" button in the debugger of my choice it won't jump 30 lines.

Larry E. Ramey

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