I don't think it's necessary to set explicitly the line endings on *all* files.  My Windows "TortoiseSVN" choked when I tried to send a source file that had a mixture of DOS and Unix line endings.  The only place that it is necessary (in my opinion, at the moment) to specify line endings is for the MSVC workspace and project files.  Probably we will need to add the Watcom files to the list when we get to them.  Otherwise SVN will download text files to your native environment and you can carry on as you like.

John F. Fay
Technical Fellow, Jacobs/Sverdrup TEAS Group
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I converted LF to CR/LF on my copy of the project files, but SVN saw this as no change. I now realize that SVN has some somewhat confusing features for line endings. It tries to convert text file line endings to the local 'native' format. I'm using Cygwin svn, so I'm guessing it thinks I want all of my files with UNIX line endings. I think this idea for line-end conversion does more harm than good. The line-end conversion stuff will just cause unexpected difference between SVN files and dowloaded .zip/.tar.gz files.

Anyhow, to fix this, I added svn property flags to define CR/LF line endings on the project files, which is committed to the repository.

Maybe we should explicitly set line endings on all svn files?


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