Here is what is in my freeglut directory:

freeglut.dsp (VC++ 6 Project)
freeglut.dsw (VC 6 Workspace)

freeglut.sln (.NET Project)

freeglut.vcproj( VC++ Project *doesn't say which version*)

freeglut_static.dsp ( VC++ 6 Project)
freeglut_static.vcproj (VC++ Project *doesn't say waht version*)

There are some other files like .ncb and .suo but they are .NET things that are autogenerated.

So I BELIEVE what happened is the .dsp->.vcproj and .dsw->.sln.

I only open the .sln once it ran the converions the 1st time I downloaded freeglut.  Since .NET seemlessly transforms VC 6.0 to VC 7.x, why do we care? Its just one more thing to keep in synch manually. Some poor slob adds something to the make files and then goes, "oh yeah... Microsoftland.... ummm.... let me add these things to this project file.... yup there it is, ok" The poor guy, being a linux guy, doesn't notice he only added it to the VC 7 project files.

Larry E. Ramey

Fay John F Dr CTR USAF AFSEO/SK <john.fay.ctr@eglin.af.mil> wrote:
Many apologies for the confusion.  I thought ".net" used files with different extensions (not the ".dsp" and ".dsw" of MSVC 6) and I have not noticed those files in the "freeglut" distribution.
Given that we apparently DO have a customer base that loads MSVC 6 files into ".net" and builds from them, I think we should make any native ".net" support behave the same.  This is a reversal of what I said earlier.
Does anybody know what file extensions ".net" uses natively?
John F. Fay
Technical Fellow, Jacobs/Sverdrup TEAS Group

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        Whether or not MSVC 6 can unify the static and DLL versions of the project, it has been in its present configuration for so long that it should NOT be changed.  "Freeglut" has never supported ".net" (MSVC 7) and so whatever you decide is probably fine.  Given that MSVC 6 and ".net" are quite different, I would not feel bound to make their project structure look the same.  As such, and because more unity is better than less unity, I would go ahead and put all four configurations into one ".net" project.
Freeglut DOES support .NET. It has to. If you can't compile with 7.0 or 7.1 (.NET and .NET 2003) then a lot people are up the creek. However, I have had absolutely no problem doing exactly what Joe did in converting the 6.0 files and then compiling freeglut.

Aren't the file extentions the same though? So if we check in the 7.0 files, we cripple all the 6.0 users? That seem like a bad move, if it is the case. (I try not to use the MSVC make system if I can avoid it....)

Larry E. Ramey

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