Apparently somebody is developing something called a "ruby binding" for GLUT.  Are we interested in such a thing for "freeglut"?

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I'm developping a ruby binding. The goal of this binding is not only making the opengl and freeglut functions available but also build a rubbyis and object oriented layer on top of it. Opengl and freeglut should be accessible like it was a normal ruby library.

I was a little confused as to what glut library to use, I didn't want to use glut because of it's licence and than I saw freeglut but I though that freeglut was deprecated by openglut.

Yesterday I sended a mail to the openglut developpers list and I got the reply that openglut isn't developped anymore. Also they told me it would be better to develop it for freeglut.

Currenly I'm building a layer on top of  Yoshi's bindings
( but I'm rewriting parts  of the c code so that they are more to my liking. Here is the link to the project site:

<C programming question snipped--I answered it already>


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