Inasmuch as I kept some very worthwhile changes out of "freeglut" 2.4.0 because we were about to release, I believe that it is now time to put these changes in.  I have already started with Joe Krahn's dial box support, although I am having a small problem putting a new file into CVS.  Interested parties can contact me or Joe directly for the file.

        I have also fixed a bug in the Sierpinski sponge code that caused the "Shapes" demo to crash.  Finally, I have waiting (for the new file capability to be fixed) a "README.Win32" file and also specific static and DLL versions of the "freeglut" demo programs.

        Other people just before the release mentioned further fixes to menus, full-screen windows, and game mode.  There may have been some others that I do not remember.  Now is the time to bring them on.  If there are enough of them, we can put out 2.6.0 by the end of the summer.

John F. Fay