Given the output I get do you have hints on what things I should look first?
Thanks for the more constructive reply.

2008/5/17 Steve Baker <>:
Making it work without warnings across all reasonable versions of
autoconf/automake is a nightmare - I suspect it's actually impossible.
In fact, making changes to the script without breaking one
version or another is a nightmare too!

But I'm surprised it actually failed.   I'm using autoconf 2.60  and
automake 1.9.6 - and that works just fine (albeit with tons of
warnings).  2.61 should be fine.  I suspect you have some other problem.

Jocelyn Fréchot wrote:
> M wrote:
>> I have autoconf 2.61 & 2.13. I tried to make the wrapper autoreconf to use
>> 2.13 besides 2.61 yet it did not work.
> I run the SVN version (with tons of warnings) with autoconf 2.61 and
> automake 1.10.1.

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