#35 SGI dials support

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Would it be possible to retro-fit SGI dials support
into freeglut? Contrary to some of the comments I have
seen, there are people who really _do_ need SGI dials
support (especially in the scientific community).
There would be a lot of X-ray crystallographers that
would *really* appreciate SGI dials support in freeglut!
Thanks - Stephen


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Agreed. My understanding is that support for SGI dials was actually
    removed from freeglut, so perhaps adding it back in would not be *too*
    much of a problem. In any event, our group (which consists of several
    dozen users) relies heavily on the SGI dials, and we have already
    begun the conversion process from SGI/IRIX boxes to Debian Gnu/Linux
    boxes. We have already encountered this problem (the dials work fine
    on our RedHat 9 boxes, which we are eagar to re-image with Debian, but
    do not work on our Debian boxes with the freeglut 2.2.0-8 .deb
    package). Thanks very much.

    Steve Lane
    System Administrator
    Doudna Lab
    Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism Group
    UC Berkeley
    drsteve at rna-dot-berkeley-dot-edu

  • John F. Fay

    John F. Fay - 2005-04-28

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    I would be delighted to have this done, but I don't know of
    anybody who has SGI dials who would be able to test this
    out for us. We are going to have a release sometime fairly
    soon--this follow-up is part of my run-up to creating a release
    version--and if you want support for SGI dials now would be
    the time to get it in.

    - John F. Fay


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