#5 the configure script and more GNU autoconf files are missing

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There is no configure script present to be run by end
users in rc1.

To work around it, insert a call to autogen.sh into the
sequence for now:

> cd freeglut-2.0.0

sh autogen.sh

> ./configure --prefix=/home/devel
> make
> make install


  • James 'J.C.' Jones

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    We either need to add this to a FAQ, or just generate the
    configure script; I've seen it done both ways, but the most
    common is to just generate the configure script.

  • Andrew P. Lentvorski, Jr.

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    Please generate the configure script as part of the tarball.
    It would be even better if it were placed in CVS, too.
    Without this script, freeglut requires m4, automake,
    autoconf, and a bunch of non-standard automacros simply to
    compile. That basically prevents any non-Linux user from
    being able to build freeglut.

  • Bernhard Kaindl

    Bernhard Kaindl - 2003-07-12

    Logged In: YES

    It is common package practice that an official tarball for users
    to compile just builds and install by using the following

    tar xvfz $PACKAGE.tar.gz
    cd $PACKAGE
    ./configure --prefix=/home/devel
    make install

    The "autogen.sh" script is only of help for developers which are
    real CVS users and have the full GNU autoconfig toolsuite
    Normal users don't have it installed, thus released package
    everything to just being able to run ./configure;make .

    The "autogen.sh" script is nonetheless very useful, even in the
    tarball, because it contains all commands needed(and in order)
    to regenerate all GNU autoconfig files properly, which is not
    a trivial job if you don't know the correct order and which
    commands to execute.

    While I find it nice for people which use 56k modems that we
    nearly 200k of gzip'ed CVS checkout size/tarball size, I think
    sparing these 200k for a user download does not justify the
    which users have if these 200k are missing.

    And even on a 56k modem, a 200k sync/download should not
    take too
    long, so I would be even ok to add them to the CVS repository,
    even if it's not quite "clean" to do so, but many projects, even
    gcc have the needed files in their CVS.

  • Bernhard Kaindl

    Bernhard Kaindl - 2003-07-12
    • summary: the configure script is missing in 2.0.0-rc1 --> the configure script and more GNU autoconf files are missing
    • status: open --> pending
  • Bernhard Kaindl

    Bernhard Kaindl - 2003-07-12
    • status: pending --> open
  • James 'J.C.' Jones

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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